Username: Emily -  A Joe Sugg fanfiction

Username: Emily - A Joe Sugg fanfiction

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emily By QueenJaspoli Completed

Emily Lewis has just joined Corsham School and she lays her eyes upon Joe Sugg.
They instantly fall in love and express their feelings for each other.
But everything isn't as easy at it seems.

Emily goes to University.
Joe becomes a YouTuber and moves to London with Caspar Lee.
(this part is 2014 so he's already left roof thatching)^^^^^^^

Will they ever get the chance to get back together or will they fall in love with someone else?

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huggingfinn huggingfinn Mar 15, 2017
OMG I FOUND THIS AND MY NAME IS Emilie!! So I love it already even though my name is spelled differently.
Threelittlewishes Threelittlewishes Jun 04, 2017
I looked at this book and I was like "What?" Because my name is Evie and my Sister is called Emily! 😂😂
FoodAndJoeSugg FoodAndJoeSugg Feb 13, 2016
But...He didn't know the girls name...He had a vote for the name...
EmilyStark8 EmilyStark8 Sep 15, 2016
OMG ... I'm re-reading this its soooo good 4 all the new readers ... It made me laugh and definitely cry 😭😂 @QueenJaspoli
creativitylOl creativitylOl Nov 19, 2016
Hello I've been in love with this fanfiction for so long now and I can't belive how far you've got, well done 👏 and how old are you?? If you don't mind me asking, I totally get it if you don't want me to know as I wouldn't share it with weirdos like me either 😂 x
GingerCostella GingerCostella Jul 27, 2016
Palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy there coming ton his sweater already moms spaghetti