Sleeping Beauty [ShinyaxReader]

Sleeping Beauty [ShinyaxReader]

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Mrs Sophie IchinoseAckermanNanaseTobioTooruTetsuroSnow By mrsichinose Updated Feb 21

Welcome, reader-chan! (That's you :3)

You were the daughter of a very popular Colonel in your homeland, but since he died you had no particular reason to stay there. The Japanese Imperial Army decided to give you the chance to move to Japan, where you meet Shinya Hiragi.

The well known Major Colonel had shown a strange interest in the things you do. You already knew a few things about him since your father also had a lot of connections to the Hiragi family.

Lets just let your little story begin.

NAW, its ur boyfriend, for me ;)
                              Oopsthis was supposed to be a shinya one GABIE!
                              a sHINYA ONE.
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Gotta love me some lemons
                              No, but seriously, I love for fanfics, especially the lemon ones.
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I still laugh from ichinose god dammit XD He used to be in uta no pri
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Since I read almost all of your story.m I became addicted to Lemon..