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My Crazy Neighbor {BTS Kim Taehyung FanFic}

My Crazy Neighbor {BTS Kim Taehyung FanFic}

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ili By iliana_williams29 Updated 2 days ago

17 year old Kim Mi Young and her family move from Wisconsin, United States to Seoul, South Korea without any say in the matter. She is forced to start back at square one in this unknown place. No friends, different time zone, new school, and worst of all the new neighbor, Kim Taehyung. 
Mi Young is required to help Taehyung with his English. Tutoring the boy she doesn't like in a place she hates, sounds like fun.
How will this end for the two teenagers? How far will Mi Young let this go?

shihuhan shihuhan Sep 09, 2016
My friend loves MCR... But she also had no clue what was Kpop and I literally died right there.......
Woah woman, be grateful you're alive or else you'd be murdered by me
Taehyunggie95 Taehyunggie95 Aug 02, 2016
Half of my relatives live in Wisconsin! I live in California though
- - Aug 20, 2016
MY CHEMICAL ROMACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CoffeeDino CoffeeDino Nov 01, 2016
If I was in South Korea...
                              I would be stalking my idols and photobombing their photo-shoot.
                              That's normal in my world
fytaegie fytaegie Nov 12, 2016
A place where someone with the last name of Trump is now president 
                              This world is getting worse and worse