After The Snowstorm

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Shannon By IsLolZaWord Updated 2 years ago
    What is personal development?
    That's the question that has been haunting Melissa Masters ever since she was twelve and her mother told her that she no longer wanted her or her four siblings before shipping them off to go live with their dad in New Zealand
    Now, completely settled into her life, wanting to be a professional skier and having a not so mutual crush on her ski Coach Johny, Melissa is completely surprised when she finds out her mother is coming from America to New Zealand to try and fix things between her and children. 
    This triggers many things to happen, from dog chases to a boy who may just be the thing to get her over her idiotic crush on Johny. However when a snowstorm hits Queenstown and blocks all the roads to and from town everybody is trapped inside Melissa's father's house. 
    What will come of this? 
    Will Melissa and her mother rekindle their realtionship or will her mother manage to disappoint her again?
    Will Melissa move on from Johny?
    Will  being a profesiional skiier help Melissa answer her mother's daunting question?
    What is personal development?
    Melissa has no idea...
    but she's going to find out.
Can I just say that this is AMAZING!? it is so well written, there are some places where you forgot to space out the paragraph from the dialogue, but other than that this is so amazingly well written. :D
I'm really loving this story so far.  Can't wait for more updates on this story and your other one.  :)