Ryder and Harley are both what you would call badass. Ryder Collins is your typical egotistical player who gets all the girls he wants where as Harley Rogers takes on the more subtle approach, she is quiet and intelligent but if you get on her bad side you may be in for a shock. She's a kickboxer and loses her temper very easily.

ANNA6293 ANNA6293 Nov 13, 2016
Technically Harley and Joker aren't  boyfriend and girlfriend bc they love each other but also hate each other's guts
I LOVE THE NICKNAME been a fan of Harley Quinn before Suicide Squad unlike some people
KaseyT3 KaseyT3 Dec 07, 2016
Because I love sports and gym class I could never fail gym. How can people fail gym class
summer-queen1 summer-queen1 Nov 14, 2016
But I'm in love with both of them cuz they r insane and awesome asf
jaymonkey jaymonkey Nov 30, 2016
Every time I step towards one of my guy friends, they flinch. I don't know if that's bad or good. I'm probably the most tomboy in my grade. Well other then my twin but she's not as tomboy as me
faggylaladolls faggylaladolls Dec 21, 2016
In the I don't date it should have been the anyone in capital letters