My Life With a Vampire

My Life With a Vampire

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Nordia141 By Nordia141 Updated Aug 24, 2017

I thought my life was over, but I thought wrong it was just the beginning of my story. 

Today was a regular day at school, Same old, Same old. My name is Kimara.  I have a light brown complexion with smooth skin, long black hair and blue eye's. I'm 17  years of age. 

I say my friend daneilla she has fire red hair green eyes and flawless shape and the boys go after her wanting to go on dates and other thing however both of us meet up and went to class. The following day a new guy started the school that day.

" who's that," I asked. He's name is Joshua Winters and he's a transfer student from Varscity High. I notice from he came in the class that he is starring at me, I started starring back at him and smiled. There was a spare seat beside me so Mister Reid told him to sit next to me.

" Hi," he said I never answered him " hi, " he said again I turn around and started starring at him. He's hair is dark brown, smooth skin and icy blue eyes.

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