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Snowflake~ Vampire Knight & Diabolik Lovers Crossover

Snowflake~ Vampire Knight & Diabolik Lovers Crossover

49.9K Reads 1.6K Votes 22 Part Story
winx club By Nyan_Samy Updated Feb 14

Henari kuran, tortured by her parents due to her distinct characteristics, had always felt like no matter in what way her parents treat her, she won't be broken down. But when her most loved Kaname ignores her, broken and depressed, Henari decides to leave Kuran residence.
  Picked up by Karl Heinz, she decides to become his adoptive daughter.
  But what will happen when she faces Kaname again after 10 years.
  find out more in 'SNOWFLAKE'

Sh1zuka Sh1zuka Apr 23, 2016
Are they idiots of course it's there fault those mother fuckers sorry excuse of a family abused her how wouldn't that be their fault those bastards,and bitches!!!!!!!!!!
LeviAckermanmistress LeviAckermanmistress Jun 19, 2016
No offended but these types of scenes are seen very often within vampire knight oc stories
And....the first trophy of the parents ranking in anime goes to....The Kurans! For being the worst family ever! Yay...c'mon everyone! Boo at them! *Crowd boos*
Animumaker Animumaker Feb 10
My version of the letter. 
                              bye bitches (🖕 ՞ਊ ՞)🖕
Sakura1129 Sakura1129 Jan 30
I know right?Wait......bitches? DAMMMMMMMNNNNNNN we are alike! And I guess bitches means Yuki in another language....if yes...WE ARE THE SAME PERSON!!
CloeHigamino64 CloeHigamino64 Aug 04, 2016
Someone give this person a award for a he WORST parents in the world of anime