The Vampire's Heart II - The Dying Heart (Phan)

The Vampire's Heart II - The Dying Heart (Phan)

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A sequel to "The Vampire's Heart!" (You should probably go read that first.)

After a few good and calm months of living together, Dan and Phil's lives have been loving and and perfect. Phil, only recently rejoining the human world after being a vampire for many years, is still adjusting to the human lifestyle, and his loving boyfriend Dan has been helping him. It was Dan's love, after all, that broke the curse and let him become human again.

But not all is well behind the scenes. A pair of gold-glowing eyes is watching Dan from afar. She is a female vampire named Storm. When this unknown woman kidnaps Dan and demands he love her, things get bad. Can Phil find and save Dan before this strange she-vampire does something drastic? Or maybe, was it never meant to be...?
(No triggers! Some minor swearing)

*puts hand on shoulder* do you know what the phandom will do to you if you mess this up? Most of us have access to weapons ya know.
Oh thanks for the Existential Crisis- XD not really I'm okay. :b
You can just magically make someone fall in love with you that's not how love works also yandre much
Tiptoe by the window by the window. No? Okay. I'll shut up now. Go on
Okay my guess is that this is pj and when he tried to meet dan Chris will barge in and they'll fall in love instead
andy_lehoe andy_lehoe Aug 04
for some reason i read 'reestablish' as reetstableash and got so confused 😂