"The Wolf In Red Hair" AkaNoYona Fanfic

"The Wolf In Red Hair" AkaNoYona Fanfic

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Call me Jee! By JeeMeetsPanda Updated May 24

In every person there's something hidden inside.

As for Ji-Ahn, it's her 'wolfy' attitude.




Uhh, let's pass that.

She does everything in her own sneaky,little ways and no one can stop her from getting into other people's business.

"If I can't stop myself, what makes you think you can stop me?", she once quoted.

See, it's not that she's defiant. She's just pretty philosophical about things she's interested with.

Will Yona, Hak and the others bear to have her in their group?

If Ji-Ahn's their key to defeat Soo-won, will she be also the lock to seal away Yona's goals?

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Im not either of those ages or in between so........ screw it im still reading
I'm 13 but I'm very mature and knows too much for my age sooo
I'm a simple person. I see CrA in the cover, I click ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
MeowAna-Chan MeowAna-Chan Apr 25, 2016
Ohhhhhh....I didn't read the title, so I'm over here reading the chapter getting SOOOOOO confused on what was happening. Finally, when I look at the chapter name in the end, I just realized that it said Teaser instead of prologue and/or chapter one
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I DIDNT READ THE TITLE xD I thought this was the story! I'm a idiot xD
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I did not expect that. I did not sign up for that. But I like it here so imma keep reading.