Not as Innocent~ Free! Yandere Nagisa x Female Reader

Not as Innocent~ Free! Yandere Nagisa x Female Reader

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Scarlett Jaeger By Moonlight_Cloud Completed

You just moved into the small town of, Iwatobi, and are moving in with your cousin, Rei Ryugazaki.

After 2 weeks of living with him, you soon start attending Iwatobi High, and your best friends are the members of the swim club. 

You grew extremely close with the happy penguin of the group, Nagisa Hazuki, you two both bond over your love of penguins and sweets.

He may seem sweet and innocent, but he's not as innocent as he may seem...
Author's Note: 
Hello. So this is a fan fiction for the anime, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. I wanted to make this because I thought it would be interesting to make the ONE character who is least expected to be a YANDERE! So I made this to stand out. I hope you enjoy!

I only swim free and also it's not breaststroke it's tiddystroke
Freestyle and butterfly just look like squids dying……………………well if I do them anyway
                              SAD LLAMA 
                              MENTALLY DISTURBED LLAMA
                              SUPA LLAMA 
                              DRAMA LLAMA
                              BIG FAT MAMA LLAMA
                              (If you still don't know, take a hint)
Soooo I live in Australia, so I'm gonna pretend I used to know Rin...
Oddly enough my favorite stroke is breaststroke. I used to think it was called breathstroke.