A Mob Boss's Family (Book 2 Of The New York Mafia Trilogy)

A Mob Boss's Family (Book 2 Of The New York Mafia Trilogy)

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Sarah Royal (Royal888) By royal888 Completed

(Highest Rank: #1 General fiction, 23rd June 2016)
This is the second book in the New York Mafia Series and sequel to A Mob Boss's First Love.

Please Read Book1: A Mob Boss's first Love before reading this book. 

Francesco is a mob boss and doesn't take any nonesense. He wants things done his way and will get them done using all powers and resources he has. 

His first love, Adele  is by his side now. He wants to get closer to Adele. He has secrets. Adele tries to break the ice and get to know Francesco. There would be obstacles in the way of the childhood sweethearts. Is their love strong enough to endure obstacles? Betrayal, heartache and pain may come in their lives but there is also joy and happiness.

Cover by @Winchestered_

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royal888 royal888 Aug 23, 2017
@lavanya-nancherla remove book from library and please try again. Close the app and open it again and try. If it doesn't work I will report it . So sorry about this
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I'm sorry you're dealing with this! That sucks!! Who plagiarized? I won't cause a scene but I will report them and try to get the copies taken down
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I followed your instructions but I can't read your books offline
It took me a day to read the first book... I never been so into a book before its almost scary 😨🤭
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Am so sorry to hear this.
                              Will fully support this..No one has the right to rip off someone's hard work..
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If we already follow you do I just do the same remove and re add or am I okay to leave it like that lol