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I'm Lucy Heartfilia

I'm Lucy Heartfilia

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Chocolate Eyes By Silver_Slays Completed

Lucy Heartfilia is an eighteen year old girl who attends Fairy Academy. But, she's not an ordinary student. 

She's a victim of bullying. 

Lucy has been through a lot in her life. With her parents dead and her being bullied by none other than Lisanna Strauss and her two friends, she's kind of had enough. 

She suddenly starts to hear voices in her head that makes her do strange things. 

But, why does the school hate Lucy so much? 


Natsu Dragneel is an eighteen year old guy who also attends Fairy Academy. He's not an ordinary student. 

He's popular. 

Girls fawn over him a lot and mostly it's Lisanna who does most of the clinging. 

Once Natsu and Lucy become friends, they start to gain some sort of feeling towards each other. 

With Lucy being insane in the head, the voices will surely tell her to do some illegal things. 






"Please...just leave me alone!" 

Find out what happens...


FairyTail is an anime and manga. The creator of it is Hiro Mashima himself! I do not own the characters. But, this story and the rest of my NaLu fanfics are all mine. :D 


Note: Has angst and sadness. If you don't like it, then get out!

iamflour iamflour Mar 28
Get your cameras ready cause imma embarrass this bitch and hit her back to elondalass.
iamflour iamflour Mar 28
Oh hell naw. Im about to smack those hoes back to elondalass so they can join lasagna there as well.
bessttie bessttie 3 hours ago
Me drinking bleach after watching Boku no pico first episode
bessttie bessttie 3 hours ago
My reaction watching the first episode of boku no pico, I couldn't watch more. I turned into Jellal, I couldn't see for a while...
Morgiana200 Morgiana200 Mar 20
Lisanna,Lisanna I don't wanna slap you
                              I WANNA PUNCH YOU!!!!
deadlylusciousLucy deadlylusciousLucy Jul 12, 2016
hang on Lucy I'll save ya...*grabs my gun along with some gasoline and matches* I got some bitches to kill