How to Train Your Best Friend (Hiccup x Reader)

How to Train Your Best Friend (Hiccup x Reader)

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You've been his best friend ever since you could remember. There was definitely some problems you guys managed to overcome but it was biting at your nerves at how Hiccup has forgiven you. You just wished you could go back and change your mistake.

Takes place both HTTYD and timeline of RTTE, post season one. How to Train Your Dragon does not belong to me.

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reality_is_a_snitch reality_is_a_snitch Apr 09, 2016
*cinema sin guy voice*
                              (If you don't know what  cinema sins is,just type in 'cinema sins' and there it is)
SnowxFlake14 SnowxFlake14 Feb 02, 2016
Woooowwww.....I've read this already, yet the first person to pop into my mind was Thor. ???
PhoenixProphecy PhoenixProphecy May 14, 2016
Sounds like a certain flying suit that will be maded in de future
XxEllaJaneRosexX XxEllaJaneRosexX Nov 05, 2016
Gosh the title XDDD
                              Just makes me think like this book is a guide to train your bff XDDDDD
                              OHMIGOD HELP XDDDD oh gosh can't stop thinking stupid mind!
TazminMcPasta TazminMcPasta Jan 12, 2016
I love the story so far! And the cover for the story is kwaii!!!!
suesuemg suesuemg Dec 30, 2015