Transformers High School : 9th Grade [BumblebeexReader]Book I [CURRENT RE-WRITE]

Transformers High School : 9th Grade [BumblebeexReader]Book I [CURRENT RE-WRITE]

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➵  First day- It's already confusing.

➵  Bumblebee X Fem¡ Reader 

➵  Hello, I'm (Y/N) (L/N), I recently just moved in to another school where I actually belong. It does gets a bit confusing at times but all in all- it's worth it.

➵ Surprisingly enough- I fall for someone I wouldn't expect.

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Venom_Eddie Venom_Eddie Apr 27
Will the reals Slim shady please stand? We're gonna have a problem here?
This is the legit opposite of me lmao. I hate everyone and everything. Not you homies tho. Ya’ll mi bois
Punny_Loser Punny_Loser Jun 06
Yep I have true talent! The next America's got talent champion!!!!!
Lol 😂 that’s how my parental figure wakes me up in the morning!
CynthiaCo1 CynthiaCo1 Jun 24, 2017
Its cringey from the prolouge but i can say i like it dude great job
SORRY THAT ADVISORY IS BORING *blows up wall with rocket launcher and struts out*
                              Bee: THE HECK?
                              Optimus: WE MUST FOLLOW HER BEFORE THE CONS GET HER
                              Slendurr: She's my creepypasta *teleports me away*
                              Me: *teleports away from slender* HALP