I'll Never Be That Girl

I'll Never Be That Girl

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It might be me By Musicboxcarousel Updated Oct 07, 2016

He pushed me against the wall hard but not hard enough to hurt me. 

"Christian!" I said loudly

"Eliza." he replied calmly "I never said thank you for the gift."
I then realised he was actually wearing it. I stared into his eyes again feeling uncomfortable in this position. I could feel my heart beating really fast. He was looking back at me with an emotion I couldn't read in them. He got closer and closer. his face was inches apart from mine. Oh my gosh. Is he gonna kiss me?
Christian is the star player in her school's football team which automatically makes him the hearthrob of all the girls in her school.

Throughout their years of friendship, Lizzy never once told a single soul about her feelings towards Christian. All hope she had vanished when he started going out with Bertha, the girl who changed them both...

What happens after 10 years when they meet again but this time for an arranged marriage?

OhMyNachos OhMyNachos Aug 02
Ngl, but the first thing that went through my head when I read the info was "are you Christian? NO IM LIZA"
At least I can relate to the description the only thing like about me is my eyes and maybe my personality. Finally a description apt for me
ktbball03 ktbball03 Apr 04
So she's drop dead gorgeous.... you say she's not but you definitely described someone who is drop dead gorgeous