The Alpha's Little Witch

The Alpha's Little Witch

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The creamy white of her alabaster skin, as if she is illuminated from the inside. Gold freckles scattered in all the right places and positively beg you to trace them lightly with my fingertips like a sensual connect-the-dot. Her lips so luscious that were colored a natural rose, savoring it slowly and still I will never get enough of it. Her hair, the brightest shade of red and large, round violet eyes, pretty but emotionless eyes, like those of a wax doll.

"Mine. Always." I can feel him running his nose down my throat, inhaling my scent. He reassured himself that I am in his arm. But the truth is. I could never be his.

"No" I whisper fighting to release a moan.

"Why?" I looked into his eyes, fighting the tears to spill in my eyes as I said to him.

"An Alpha, like you can't have a mate with a Witch like me"

Unwelcome. Unwanted. Different. That's how Crimson felt in her old pack. Nightmare it's what she calls it. With her family, they move into a new town, isolated from the new pack. New town. New life. New school. But what she didn't expect is to meet a particular green eyed-boy, who claims to be her mate.

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I thought of both Tyler Oakley and Dylan O'Brian 😍😍😍😍
Lucy? Is that you?
                              …I think I've read too much NaLu fan fiction.
LadyNic0le- LadyNic0le- Apr 17
I think my brother would try to defend me i'm not sure it's never happened before.
I don't got no siblings.... I'm good. I refuse to open any packages.
terivera terivera Jun 10
It's just weird that he's calling her "baby girl," he's twelve...
lalabubble lalabubble Nov 04
There's a lot of "-ed" added to certain words making them past tense and it's really throwing me off... anyone else?