Loose Lips Have Sunk This Ship {muke}

Loose Lips Have Sunk This Ship {muke}

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original teenyweenie By bottomluke Updated May 15, 2017

It was funny how Luke found himself striving to impress Michael, doing anything to gain the older boys attention. It was pitiful and made his cheeks heat up, but shit, he just couldn't help himself.


Or the one where Luke's on Senior Week and Michael's doing everything Luke was told not to do, and somehow he finds himself tangled up with a boy that doesn't want commitment, just sex.

(a/n: this story will contain boy on boy smut, detailed out too. please do not read unless you are comfortable with that)

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coffee-at-midnight coffee-at-midnight Apr 04, 2016
Hahaha! I grew up around watching and playing basketball. Dad used to play in university.
giggly_muke96 giggly_muke96 Nov 28, 2015
this is going great!! i love it when muke start off on bad terms lol idk why