Magic Born: The Uprising (Wattys2016)

Magic Born: The Uprising (Wattys2016)

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Ray Reeve By StoriesOfTheBold Completed

Egon is said to be the key, to hold the power to overthrow Vestomer, the wicked ruler of Magur, but he feels useless. With his power still not developed and a new life he's been swept into, how can he fulfill this destiny everyone wants for him. 

Mace is forced to spy on his friends, weaseling his way into their life and corroding  them with his lies, all to keep his lover alive. 

Rayner is torn between the orders of his brain and the orders of his heart, if he ignores love he may loose it forever. 

Ceridwen is running out of time and if she can't find the ingredients to craft the potion, she'll never recuse her family. 

Theresa is poisoned with the sight of the future and as the dreams come in an uncontrollable  wave, can she escape the vision she sees, the vision of death and destruction

The Children are running out of time and Vestomer's plan for distruction is forming. They must journey to an outpost just beyond the Kingdom of Magur's borders to gather the help of Magic Born, to create the potion and release the imprisoned Magic Born, to Over throw the King.  
best rank #102 ( in adventure )
best rank #177 (in fantasy ) 

"After reading this, I voted right away because left me pretty much speechless!" @KevinXValentine 

"It bloody brilliant I, I can't put It down!" -ScorpioUK248

"Very good story, enjoying every bit of it, and even more so is the fact that it keeps getting better!!!" -AdeAlaoOluwaferanmiA

"I started reading while my breakfast was cooking, I couldn't stop!! Now my breakfast is cold!!" -CintiaJCajal

"I'm enjoying this story a lot so far. It always keeps me on edge and I never get bored of reading it!!" -AsiaPyne

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Handi75 Handi75 Jun 22, 2017
It's always nice to Copyright your stuff to ensure it's safe. There are to many people that take other ideas or characters, even character names.
ScarlettDream19 ScarlettDream19 Feb 28, 2016
Yes, hate it when people do that. I'm going to  make a copyright section just in case. But love your story so far, man! 😆
Halfshadows6 Halfshadows6 May 03, 2016
This sets up the story very well, can't wait to see what happens!
ScarlettDream19 ScarlettDream19 May 12, 2016
Man, yours is serious, I'm still not mature enough to make a serious statement without either laughing, or losing me train of thought... Which is why no one takes me seriously! 😡
KaraMichelleBooks KaraMichelleBooks Sep 09, 2016
This was amazing. It is so hard to get pulled into a story this easily on Wattpad. Your words were captivating and interesting, and set up your story so well. Can't wait to read more!
Paintfairy Paintfairy Sep 12, 2016
Hey Ray :) I love the trailer, really inspired me to reread the Story. I love all the detail you put into your work, it's all great :) And OMG, I love the name Vestomor, can't help thinking of Vector when I read the name :)