He's Ours (mxmxm)

He's Ours (mxmxm)

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Red27 By Shelsky27 Updated Nov 03, 2016

What do you do when you're a straight 17 year old boy who finds out he's mated to a male alpha werewolf and a male vampire prince. Not to mention uncovering a secret that was hidden from you since birth. 

Find out by following Drew as his normal life gets turned upside down in my new book!!


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fishfiLEI fishfiLEI Jul 13
All the readers already know the Alpha's name..
Well that couldn't have been more blunt and gay to the point.
Goddamn Sherlock Holmes. Calm down and just read the fuc king book 💀 ^
pfffHeyyy pfffHeyyy Nov 01
I’m literally watching Annabelle as I’m reading this and laying in my room that’s lined with creepy äss dolls that I HATE
Stars_Wolf Stars_Wolf Aug 08
When I saw the word Annabelle I was saying in my head (even though I haven’t seen the movie) ‘ah h.ell nah’
fishfiLEI fishfiLEI Jul 13
Drew honey, I believe the third word this Alpha said to you was "Mine" so with my sarcasm I'll say that your ass totally belongs to him.