He's Ours (mxmxm)

He's Ours (mxmxm)

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Red27 By Shelsky27 Updated Nov 03

What do you do when you're a straight 17 year old boy who finds out he's mated to a male alpha werewolf and a male vampire prince. Not to mention uncovering a secret that was hidden from you since birth. 

Find out by following Drew as his normal life gets turned upside down in my new book!!


NnekaZari NnekaZari Oct 25
I think this guy's a total dick for snatching the little cutie up and not giving answers. "Can't kidnap what's mine" oh please. Jerk.
I would've gone flying out the door xD I quote "F*ck this sh*t I'm out"
Hahaha! You have a baby truck! Hahaha! I drive a 3500 Dodge Ram, in yo face loser!!
There's a man of which we're fans out there sailing around the world, he's a pirate always waisted and captain of the pearl (some one pls finish!)
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Oct 19
Finally a character that knows he's not safe to trust someone or whatever.
This is how real people react to this shït. Not that totally unrealistic yaoi boy stuff. Irl boys be like "run away Stanley, be free!" Yaoi boys me like "mmm, take me! Fück me harder! I don't care at all that I just met you 30 minutes ago!" Thank you author, thank you