Primal Urges

Primal Urges

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{A monster's worst fear is of being found.}
 ~Richelle Goodrich

Someone opened the door, and I thought it was my mother....

I gasped, feeling something hard and solid pressing against me. I looked up through my mirror and saw Alpha Layton pressed firmly against my body. "You have grown so much," he rumbled as his hands traveled over my rear. 

"Don't," I gulped, standing deathly still as his hand  then swept my hair to one side. Then he bent down and sniffed at my neck. I cringed. 

"I could have already marked you, little one," he said as my wolf perked up. She began trying to surface. Her primal needs were taking over. I forced her back down. "Could have already been deep inside of you...spilling my seed," he breathed into my neck. "Your belly could have been full with our child by now." 

That was the last straw. "Stop it!" I almost shrieked. He was insane. He had lost his mid if he thinks he can speak to me like this after not even really knowing me. He may visit every birthday but he does nothing but sit with my parents and glare at me and anyone else who comes in contact with me. He thinks he can just have me like won't happen. 

Iris knew who her mate was ever since her tenth birthday. It was not a happy time in her life and she wanted to forget about it...but she can't. Eventually when Alpha Layton comes busting down her door she knows it's time to go. Alpha Layton's life is the pack. He's secretive, running a militant like pack, a demented sense of duty and honor towards pack laws, and a harsh aspect on life, and an odd sense of not letting her go. Being thrust into a new pack is already nerve wracking enough, add in a psycho enemy of her mate and she's in for a horrible roller coaster ride. Hopefully by the end of the ride she's not dead...

Ps: All steamy chapters are private;)

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HAZELEYES321 HAZELEYES321 Jul 28, 2017
Me first reading about Scott 
                              "Oooo he sounds like such a nice character"
                              "Hope he is still in the story for a long time "
                              "Annnnd he  dead"
angelirn angelirn Nov 07, 2017
Blame my dad for this, not me. Lol It's take. Take her back to the house.  I correct my kids, but the Pawpaw is another story. He drills it into their heads, the difference between bring and take. Of course, now it's my pet peeve, too. Sorry!! Please forgive my grammar nazi-ness? 😁
illilx illilx Apr 28, 2017
WHY IS HER MOM STOPPING HER aaaa girl the consequences!!!!!!!!
Purplecats000 Purplecats000 Oct 27, 2017
She is 9 and I am hoping for the alpha to be like 17 so it’s not a huge age difference.
GirlWithAnEInHerName GirlWithAnEInHerName Jul 16, 2017
i have already formed a deep bond with scott in the one paragraph he was mentioned
                              SCOTT NO PLEASE DONT DIE