My Good Time Casanova

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Gabby Rener By Blueberrytheawesome Updated 4 years ago
I'm the pretty girl's friend.  The one who's always second.  I'm boring, weird, and just out of the ordinary.  But there's this guy at school.  I think I like him, but he doesn't like me.  My friends don't like him because he hangs out with the junkies, but doesn't actually do drugs himself.  Is he really going to be good for me, or just ruin my life more than I'm ever going to think?
So far is a nice start.. Update more i thing its gunna be great :)
I like it alot.... My aunt just wrote a book and im going to tell her anout this so maybe she can write more.
It was an enjoyable read. I wish I could get into it, but the man below has me beat on the very intricate parts of the story  haha.
its so good so far! Let us know when you add more, its cute!
Its very cute, i think it would be nicer if you described her, and if you went into more detail about what he looks like. other then that i really did like it as i said its cute. Its a very nice prologue.