Little Cutie

Little Cutie

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Set after the Grand Magic Games.
This may surprise you but... I don't own Fairy Tail!! 
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Anyway, I'm just going to give a nice and short one.

Lucy needs to pay her rent, as always, but she can't find Natsu so she goes alone. Someone tried to attack her, but didn't succeed. There was an accident with Lucy that surprises her and the rest of the guild.

First Written: 10-31-15

MastaAnime MastaAnime Apr 17
Natsu comes across a wild Lucy, he uses tickle attack the Wild Lucy blushes.
Queen Mira! The shipper savior has arrived granting the wishes of her OTP's fans
SpinxsLord SpinxsLord Jun 01
Gajeel whyyy. And Mira wtf how did she have a baby without anyone noticing her large lump opt hen again she could've used Gemini
Sorry but not yet Mira-chan *grows mushrooms with Tamaki-san*
SpinxsLord SpinxsLord Jun 01
All NaLu fans are just sulking in a corner muttering stuff about NaLu and NaLu babies. I know this because I'm one of them XD
When it said "snake tattoo curling up their arm" I immediately thought of Medusa from Soul Eater