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I'm Not Okay, (I Promise) ~A Mikey Way Love Story

I'm Not Okay, (I Promise) ~A Mikey Way Love Story

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h a n n a h By itshvnnvh Completed

Cole Stevens is an outcast. Bullied everyday in high school for being "emo" and "different." She finally graduates and gets the hell out of Belleville and goes to L.A. She hesitates leaving Belleville for one reason; Mikey Way. But, then again, Mikey left a year ago to tour with his band, My Chemical Romance. As Cole arrives in L.A. and starts to get comfortable, she runs into a very familiar face. The face of the boy she was madly in love with for four years, and is still in love with.
But what Cole is now dying to know is, does Mikey still feel the same way about her?

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prettyiero prettyiero Oct 02, 2016
I'm 4'9.. I'm shorter than fuc king frank broccoli isn't my friend
Krazykittenrules Krazykittenrules Dec 07, 2016
I have a rare illness that causes me to turn into a pink fluffy unicorn for an hour every time I sneeze.
prettyiero prettyiero Oct 03, 2016
I can drink a lethal amount of coffee. I've had ten coffees today, the Starbucks workers like me a lot lmao
prettyiero prettyiero Oct 02, 2016
from the earth to the morgue.. I think I'm pretty fricking dead fam
prettyiero prettyiero Oct 03, 2016
I always think my grandmas dead when she sleeps. I literally dance around until she wakes up then I'm like "aw now I have to stay with a homophobic transphobic grandma..." bUT MY OTHER GRANDMA BE GETTING LIT ASF TO MY BANDS SHES SO EMO AND SHE HAS FIRETRUCK RED HAIR NOW ITS ADORABLE
prettyiero prettyiero Oct 02, 2016
"I'm only 2 inches"
                              "Fuc k the daily mail"
                              "Pete and I are gay"
                              "I freaking hate you hoe"
                              "Gerard is on stage masturbating and I dont know what to do help me"
                              I bet you $2 its the last one oops