Text ✦ Castiel [1] [VERY SLOW UPDATES]

Text ✦ Castiel [1] [VERY SLOW UPDATES]

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juls faith By winchestcrs Updated Mar 13, 2016

❝Are you almost here? I can't keep watching these vamps drain their victims.❞

❝Uh... Wrong number?...❞


In which a girl gets a text message from an unknown number, talking about something that she's only read about in books and seen on tv. Which leads to questions and answers and possibly meeting a new, strange friend during the process. 

[Book #1 in the Text Message Series.]

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Rarestrose3 Rarestrose3 Oct 09, 2017
Oh, lord Cassy. What are we going to do with you??😂😂😂
-blockkkkked -blockkkkked Jun 28, 2017
Am I the only one who remembers her from Teen Wolf as Cora Hale???
Lafferuck Lafferuck Jul 16, 2017
Goddamnit Cas I don't think you're supposed to tell strangers that
PennywiseTheGayClown PennywiseTheGayClown Aug 07, 2017
My only problem is that cas would have used more emojis cause as we learned he likes them
IwatchinU IwatchinU Mar 06, 2016
Whenever I see or read cas/castiel I think of when he doesn't know anything and he's just too innocent.
whyKPOPandANIME whyKPOPandANIME Apr 15, 2016
Lmao I noticed that the girl in the picture is Cora hale from teen wolf 😂❤️❤️