The Badboy Hates Me

The Badboy Hates Me

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JasmineCarrera By readparamour Updated 5 days ago

"You know what I hate about you?" His minty breath fanning my face. He placed his both hands on the wall right beside my head. His eyes dance a lot of emotions I couldn't decipher as his gaze moved from my eyes down to my lips.

Gulp.  "W-What?" I breathed nervously.

"You reminded me of her,"he whispered into my ear," and I fucking hate it." he pushed himself away from me and slammed the door shut.

HappyMeMonster HappyMeMonster 3 days ago
'Be dead' because 'died' is past tense and in this context you are trying to represent past present. Something along those lines.
EshaTinks EshaTinks 5 hours ago
Kidnap* sell* *rape me. Those are the things you got wrong. Not being rude just a friendly correction to help