Mal And Ben (Descendants Part 2)

Mal And Ben (Descendants Part 2)

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At the end of the movie, Ben becomes king of Auradon, his parents wanted him to have a wife, so the King has a Queen. His parents chooses Audrey, but Ben wants Mal to be queen because he loves her more than Audrey. What will happen next? Will Ben marries Mal or he will chose Audrey back?


After the movie, as Ben was crown King of Auradon, hen needs a wife and he choses Mal instead of Audrey. Audrey has a plan to get Ben back, so she can be Queen of Auradon because she is the first girlfriend of Ben, but when Mal arrived in Auradon, Ben loves Mal more than Audrey. Ben and Mal's love is stronger than Ben and Audrey's love.

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BrandonKyle5 BrandonKyle5 Jul 29, 2017
Ok don't get mad but u need to learn grammar it's really bad
BrandonKyle5 BrandonKyle5 Jul 29, 2017
Actually his mom and dad doesn't want him to be with Audrey they don't like her