What Made Me Thin

What Made Me Thin

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RENA By perishme Completed

I cried as I stuffed all those  salads inside my mouth gagging half of it as I slapped my self "Why am I so fat?"I screamed.

All her life Stacy's been haunted but not by ghosts or anything but by her friends, families and even her most trusted loved ones.She always gets bullied by everyone just because she's fat. 

Between all of her misery and failure comes Cameron Lincoln her least favorite person.

Enter Stacy's life and experience her struggles and pain.

"Is being fat that bad?" 

"You have no idea"


#137 in short story-27 September 2016

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MissIrrelevant MissIrrelevant Dec 23, 2017
Thanks for even thinking to write this... i think its the society, and more importantly the family, friends and the ones close to u who pressurize the ideal perfect figure to a girl. Everyone loves pretty, they say.
                              Thankyou a lot for writing this.
It sucks, because I’m like 30 pounds overweight, but I workout and eat healthy. I am in shape, I can run longer then all my friends... I don’t know why I don’t drop any weight
Wow that is just simply amazing I chopped all my hair off, kinda had a mental break and just took my hair and a pair of scissors and cut. I look like the spitting image of my mother and I hate her, so something had to change but I can't exactly do a face transplant now can I 😂
melinaxiang melinaxiang Aug 12, 2017
Thank you!!! I'm still very conscious about my weight as a young adult
MoamOmotade MoamOmotade Nov 30, 2017
Not alot people would have done that. Envy comes so naturally and you just stopped all possibilities of it going any further 👏👏👏👏
Thanks for writing this. I am like I don't know how much overweight but I exercise A LOTTTTT and eat just fine, unless I don't eat , but I don't lose any weight. It's like, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME BODY?!?!?! I trusted you... Lol sorry for making my comment humorus I just, I dunno.