When A Man Love (bxb)

When A Man Love (bxb)

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Valentine love By kantmiss9785 Completed

Jesus did a god job when he created Josh Hart. 

Being the typical popular football jock, his a fine piece of ass that no human being can resist. 

But nothing is perfect in this world and no straight man is too straight. When Josh Hart set his eyes on Skyler Mason, his confuse. Like, fucked up confused. He can't determined whether his feelings is real or its a phase. I did say his fucked up. 

With graduation around the corner and his building interest which in other word means 'love' for Skyler, he needs to decide what comes first. 

Skyler or an amazing life ahead of him.

  • badboy
  • boyxboy
  • future
  • gay
  • highschool
  • jockandnerd
  • love
  • possessive
  • romance
  • sexy
  • teen
  • truelove
thatbitchonline101 thatbitchonline101 May 21, 2017
she is me when my friend (who is a complete introvert ) says no to a party
AzzGem AzzGem Apr 09, 2017
"We use to be best buddies, but now we're not, I wish you would tell me whyyyyy"
lilMeekz12 lilMeekz12 Jul 16, 2017
Huh..... that's what I day to my friends every of their pathetic lives (love them tho)
valiant-baker valiant-baker Apr 17, 2017
I hate how most stories portray cheerleaders as Bitchy sluts who wear as little clothing as possible.
larimorgado larimorgado Aug 22, 2017
Well... I'm just kind of imagining him like Caleb Rivers, from Pretty Little Liars, season 1. Works for me.
UAreAJellyB1tch UAreAJellyB1tch Dec 21, 2017
Well.. im just gonna imagine Viktor with his long hair now..