Faulting Fate

Faulting Fate

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Natsuri Ayuko By natsuriayuko Completed

"She's the best thing I never knew I needed."

Nathan Monfort grew up wanting nothing. Because of his grandfather's influence and wealth, he had everything he could ever need at his beck and call. However, no one understood that he was unhappy with his current lifestyle, and that there was more to him than the smart and popular kid he posed to be. 

Until the enigmatic Theresa Alva came and proved otherwise. His life was then plunged into a battle much older than Time.

Can Fate be changed once again? Or will the Darkness crush everything precious to his heart? Will Resa be always within reach, but never for him to hold?

[Formerly Ashes and Lullabies, written from Oct 8- Dec 7, 2012]

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  • history
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_brooklyn___ _brooklyn___ Aug 01, 2014
“She's the best thing I never knew I needed.”, as soon as I read this I was hooked, I can already tell this will be amazing. The Intro was perfect, I can't wait to read more!
stella2302 stella2302 May 31, 2014
this book looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to reading later on today :) x
natsuriayuko natsuriayuko Feb 19, 2013
@beta_infinity Wow! That's a first. Nobody had ever told me that. =) Thank you. 
                              I know I'm a far cry from those genius writers. Though I would love to be at least half as great as them in the future. =)
beta_infinity beta_infinity Feb 19, 2013
wow!!! are you related to dan brown and sydney sheldon? haha
                              you're story is like them.. I really love this. my favorite so fr with black equation.
12Anne16 12Anne16 Oct 28, 2012
                              Don't be modest~ Your number of readers are rising exponentially. ^_^
12Anne16 12Anne16 Oct 28, 2012
                              It's important to copyright when you've become so popular. ;)