If I Fell in Love With Somebody, it would be... (An Mlp x reader fanfic)

If I Fell in Love With Somebody, it would be... (An Mlp x reader fanfic)

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Evelin By Real_Sugar_Blossom Updated Feb 25

Have you ever wanted to put yourself in a romance story with your favourite book or movie character? Well, ladies and gents, I bring you the Mlp one of your dreams (if you dream about ponies...)
In this version of Equestria, they're humans, except they still have wings and horns. And the normal mane 6 and the male mane 6 exist together in harmony. 

This will include:

Twilight Sparkle
Dusk Shine
Pinkie Pie
Bubble Berry
Rainbow Dash
And Rainbow Blitz (I saved my fav for last)

Every story will be hopefully different, and this is just to practice my Romance skills.
So get ready for some awesome romance for the boys and girls!!

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JagIsBorkDork JagIsBorkDork Sep 13, 2016
ok i like yuki yakuza more anyways. -crosses arms and hmphs-
MLstargirl MLstargirl May 19, 2016
Who needs wings when u have a HORN????!!!! Fly with a horn easy lol
penny180 penny180 Sep 29, 2016
Sorry this is not mlp but I love him 
                              Mephiles X reader (stolen love)
                              He kinda saved me from king sombra
_lost_pastel_boy_ _lost_pastel_boy_ Mar 06, 2017
Rainbow dash and Rainbow blitz are so adorable together and only them 2 no one else
SunriseShine88 SunriseShine88 Mar 04, 2016
Yeah, I can see that. You can have rainbow blitz, I'll have my darling twilight sparkle. :P
- - Jun 08, 2016
You know I can't fly or do magic! I'm an earth pony! Earth ponies rule!