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Laia Barton By Yavanna80 Updated Oct 23

Hey, everyone! I've created this book to compile all the oneshots here and differentiate them from the preferences book.
In here, you'll only have oneshots and long shots because I don't want to create just another book to pour my longer works. 

These stories will feature:

- Steve Rogers/Captain America
- Tony Stark/Iron Man
- Clint Barton/Hawkeye
- Thor Odinson
- Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk
- James Buchanan Barnes/Bucky
- Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver
- Loki Laufeyson

arlgrmes99 arlgrmes99 May 19
Did you ever have to play with boys who threw like 90 MPH. Cause that's me right now.
Instead of 'Gleglegleg', I would've said, 'Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee' tbh
Don't you mean...
                              IF YOU UNDERSTAND THAT I LOVE YOU.
amandacchi amandacchi May 31
Sometimes, i was the last one standing because i alwayd use my friends as a human shield XD
Saaammmmeeeeee I love Marvel more then Twilight but I like DC too
How does one aim for the leg but instead hit the face? I mean, I can easily see me doing this, but Bucky is the Winter Soldier. Get your act together, Buck.