Crescent Moon (Stopped! Don't read!)

Crescent Moon (Stopped! Don't read!)

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M By PaigeDaniels Updated May 07, 2011

This story picks up where my last Twilight Fan-fiction (Yet Another Cullen/Black) left off.

Henry is now in the clutches of the Volturi with his family worrying about his safety.

Little does Henry know that he's on the brink of discovering huge secrets in the Volturi ranks. What he knows could change the way all vampires live.

Henry is in a state of confusion, not knowing whether to trust the things he hears, the things he feels or the things he see. It's finally his time to grow up and prove himself to be more than the pathetic, dependent hybrid he sees himself as.

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sandie1949 sandie1949 Oct 13, 2013
ohh dear I think this is bad we can,t have Henry joining the red eye gang  can we. :-((
Love_Sick_Fool Love_Sick_Fool Jul 31, 2013
Ok thanks for the heads up ill respect your wishes. I really loved your last one it was super hilarious.     You are an amazing writer!!
PaigeDaniels PaigeDaniels Jan 28, 2013
                              It's actually because I've stopped writing. I don't want people to read it halfway through and then be left hanging. That's why I said 'don't read'. Hope that makes sense. :)
amidnightblackrose amidnightblackrose Jan 24, 2013
ya I just finished the first book this and seen it says don't read so im wondering why because I would like to. but if there is a section or something you would like to remove id like to wait let us know plz thanks
jenn6791 jenn6791 Nov 14, 2011
Is this finished or not?? It says stopped don't read so was just curious please let me know. And since I don't check the comments cause I can't read them on moble.  Can you possible email me with your answer. 
PaigeDaniels PaigeDaniels Nov 08, 2010
                    's okay! This is actually the continuation of that though..haha