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Even simply saying or thinking about his name send shivers to anybody.

Axle Rydd

When night time falls, they come out to play, killing the innocents. His pack, the Dark Moon pack, was believed to be made up of ruthless and deadly wolves. Rumors that have been spread, people that have been killed and packs that have been destroyed, making all the people close their doors when the moon shows. 

But then one look from her changed it all.

She thought it was a mistake, but the moon goddess never makes a mistake. She thought to herself, thinking, how could a mistake be this beautiful and breathtaking?

Acceptance is key and along with acceptance is trust. Then, you could fully love someone.

After all they are mates and mates are supposed to love each other, Right?


Give this story a chance, hope you guys will like it. This book is made up of fiction making all of the happenings, places or names totally fictional or made up.

The story gets better, trust me, I'm just not at all good with introducing new shit but give this a chance, it makes my day. This book is kind of full of cliche shit but I'm a hopeless romantic (I was about to write hoeless but anyways).

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Her şiirimde bir bilmece var beraber bulalım arkadaşlar buyrun 😊
Elieos Elieos Aug 31, 2016
Wait holupholupholup
                              If you hear a women screaming shouldn't you help her?
angelina557 angelina557 Feb 02, 2016
That would be the scariest crap ever. Like who is you? Why are you in my house? leave! Never mind I'll go, you get comfortable.