Brothers (BoyxBoy) (Incest)

Brothers (BoyxBoy) (Incest)

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Ezekiel is a smart kid with a bright future. He has a perfect family and couldn't ask for more. What could possibly be wrong?

Christian is the only "flaw" in Ezekiel's life. Christian is not just Ezekiel's older brother, his gay older brother. For reasons Ezekiel doesn't know, he hates his brother for being gay, but could his hate be something more? Is it possible that he's hiding affection under his hate?

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Unknownstuffz Unknownstuffz Dec 01, 2016
They fall of to Disney buts that's still *sips tea* none of my business Z🐸☕️
You don't say? Oh no, I wouldn't think incest is mature at sll
KidIcarus13 KidIcarus13 Sep 17, 2016
We're all already scarred I don't think this will change that (:
MeliR2608 MeliR2608 Nov 04, 2016
*wiggles eyebrows* I am a very rebellious girl, and the warnings make my life exciting ;);););));
The_Grey_Phantomhive The_Grey_Phantomhive Dec 20, 2016
I've read the same warning from other books... But still... I kept reading 😂
5qui5hy 5qui5hy Nov 08, 2016
I'm like 12 at heart tho...
                              Damn it...
                              Meh, 15 close enough