Phantom Falls

Phantom Falls

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Danny Phantom/Gravity Falls crossover


    The Fentons are going on a month-long trip to Gravity Falls to visit family. But when Danny clashes with his second cousin, he begins to spend time with some of the town's other visitors: Dipper and Mabel Pines. Only problem is, the Mystery Twins can sense that something is off about their new friend.
     As Danny scrambles to keep his phantom half hidden, he wonders whether he should avoid the Pines altogether. The reclusive Grunkle Ford is on to him, and Dipper has become obsessed with researching ghosts. There's no way that the halfa's secret can stay that way for long.
     Yet the residents of the Mystery Shack aren't the only ones looking for Danny's alter ego. Powerful forces have combined to take over  three dimensions, and the Ghost Boy is the key to their success. 
     Danny doesn't know who to trust.
     Dipper needs to prove himself.
     And Mabel wants to keep her brother safe.

Takes place before Phantom Planet for Danny and a couple weeks after Ford comes back for the twins.
Not rated for cursing, but for suspenseful/possible scary scenes. I don't own Danny Phantom or Gravity Falls (duh!), and I won't be adding any extra characters (except maybe a monster or two). Enjoy!

Praise for Phantom Falls:

"Yay! This is the perfect crossover. You're really nailing the personalities. :)"
        - Chilazilla

"By far one of the better GF/DP fanfictions I have read in a long time. Characters are well-written, grammatical errors are near destitute,  and the story flows together easily. I love it!"
        - taykatherine

"You're totally acing Ford['s character] here and I love it so much."
        - venice-da-mink

"This book is freaking awesome! XD"

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RosaRiolu14 RosaRiolu14 May 04, 2017
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                              You better run if you want to keep your dignity in tact...
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You will regret your view later Daniel!!!! Rrrreeeeeeggggggrrrrreeeetttttt!!!!!
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The most realistic book time skip I have ever seen in a fanfiction.