Depressing Quotes and Poems

Depressing Quotes and Poems

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I do not own any of these poems/quotes

If I own one I will state it in the chapter.

Could be triggering so read at your own risk.. don't say I didn't warn ya

If you have any quotes or poems added to the book, feel free to pm and you will get credit for it.

If your feeling down and want someone to talk to, I'm here to listen and talk to you, so you can pm me or send me a message on kik (Will leave kik at bottom). Your ALL BEAUTIFUL and WORTH YOUR LIFE.

If your dealing with depression and/or are suicidal please I'm begging you to reach out and talk to a counselor, a parent, a trusted adult, your doctor. Any adult that can help you or you trust enough to tell. The sooner you tell someone, the sooner you can get help and get through this. Remember, its only temporary.

I love you my gorgeous people.

Stay strong 

Kik: Mistaken Future
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I can wear short sleeves because no one cares enough to notice my scars or ask if I'm ok. No one cares about me. No one would care if I died.
Same,I Wear tank tops Alot.I Have 16 Deep Cuts On Both My Arms.And Yet My 'Friends' Yet to Notice.
My friend cuts and I saw here scars I've tried to help her feel not alone cause I cut too
I still wear short sleeves
                              I have 5 scars
                              No one has noticed a single one...
Lol what I do is bandage the cuts with gauze, since I play the knife game a lot my friends think it's because I missed AHAHA 
                              They don't know that I never miss when playing the knife game but when I do
                              I'm playing it on my wrist
                              And I purposely miss LOL