Meeting the Gangleader

Meeting the Gangleader

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Just_a_gal_ By just_a_gal_ Completed

One bad-ass gangleader, and one sassy 'good' girl.

Let me introduce Adam. He's the leader of the most feared gang in town. He's handsome, and cold hearted towards everyone, until he meets her.

Now let me introdue Brittany. She's a good girl that gets straight A's in school. She has abusive parents and is left to take care of her 14 year old sister, Karly. She doesn't trust anyone except her two best friends, Alice and Rebecca, until she meets Adam.

What happens when the gangleader meets the good girl? 

There's twists and turns, and some surprises. Join Brittany and Adam in their journey.


#1 GENERAL FICTION 12-30-15 
#1 TEEN FICTION 2-24-16



  • abuse
  • badboy
  • betrayal
  • completed
  • dominant
  • gangleader
  • gangs
  • love
  • sad
  • shy
  • twisted
Why would you leave it plugged in!?!
                              You're gonna burn the house down!!
Stephaniewdw Stephaniewdw Dec 06, 2017
Ive read many first but i feel like they have written their whole lives
Sugary_Sweet Sugary_Sweet Dec 15, 2017
Go read my book and give me advice and vote if you think overall it is a good book
James_Roday James_Roday 6 days ago
I hate it so much when my mom does this so me, makes me so mad
breonah10 breonah10 Dec 21, 2017
I love your attitude. But yeah this is you book do what you want to do in your book
I'm going to guess she either bought it on her own or it's just to make sure no one thinks there being abused