Slave to him

Slave to him

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Shelley By dr-eamer- Updated May 09, 2016

Vampires covered most of the world, the land, seas, mountains and some humans are in control of Demetri, the ruler of vampires. No human is allowed to step in their land and if they do its up to Demetri, whether he want to kill them or not. 

So what happen when a group of girls mistakenly walked over his land. Evelyn Richardson a shy sweet girl gets in the hands of Demetri, wha will her to do her. 

Will he treat her like his last victims?

#149 in vampire

Will contain scenes of Rape and Abuse, read at you own risk.

  • abuse
  • castle
  • dominant
  • royal
  • slave
  • slavery
  • tears
  • torture
  • vampire
  • violence
Calmiker Calmiker Apr 23, 2016
hmm I'm not up for the rape part, but it sounds interesting. And I don't have a faint heart. I love watching scary movies in the night!
angelkobe angelkobe Feb 22, 2016
Anyone heard about any updates. Cuz that was awhile ago....just sayin...its a good book, would like there to be an ending and not a make up your own... lol
angelkobe angelkobe Jun 16, 2016
I'm still bitchin for updates...but I don't think she will be doing any....😞
kaygram2000 kaygram2000 Jan 24, 2016
I'm already loving it because the main characters last name is the same as mine. Loving the book its self too
Cutepenguins11go Cutepenguins11go Jan 09, 2016
Omg thank you thank you for giving the book a second chance. I have waited for this book to be completed then when I found out it was back after weeks i was so happy. THANK YOU
annaivad annaivad Jan 09, 2016
Cause the haters gonna hate hate hate
                              Shake it off  shake it off 🎤🎤🎧🎧 gwan right you story nuh watch ntn