touched by a demon // destiel

touched by a demon // destiel

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i'm an angel u ass By deanmonz Updated May 07

// demon dean & angel castiel // 

     Castiel has been moving around all his life, never staying in one home for more than a year, due to his moms coming and going. When Castiel moves into Forkes, Washington, he least expects anything to be different from his past schools, but boy is he wrong. 

     After being attacked by a mad man, Castiel questions if it's really safe in Forkes. When more attacks are being reported, Castiel just can't keep a blind eye towards it and soon discover a chilling theory. Every victim that had been killed had wings on either side of them, but weird symbols cover the body. When Castiel heads to library he finds out he is not alone and is being followed by a gorgeous green eyed boy about his age. 

     Castiel soon discovers he is the next target, but the boy who follows him is more then what he appears to be ... 

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I sadly do not own any of the CW Supernatural cast/characters ... To bad :(a 

But I am claiming Copyrights © on this plot and how it folds out

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As soon as I saw 1607 I thought JAMESTOWN because we had to memorize years and dates like that in social studies 😂
luciferstruechild luciferstruechild May 21, 2017
My older brother has ginger hair a thin face/ body brown eyes, I'm chunky in fave in body I have green eyes with back brown hair. The only thing we having in common is our freckles and big ears
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I have short brown straight hair my sister has long blond curly hair lmao
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Cas I would check if Michael's girlfriend's name is actually her real name. Just saying.