Echo // Jasper Hale

Echo // Jasper Hale

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⚜ By -sendlove Updated Jun 06, 2016

"When my voice is not heard, my thoughts will echo."

[Twilight Saga ~ Eclipse]

[Slow Updates]

Cover made by @greynightmares

cam_meee cam_meee Jan 13, 2016
Yes! It sounds good and u love the fact you might go off track from the series and even further.
welcometoadarkheart welcometoadarkheart Jan 03, 2016
This might sound stupid, but what is mute? Like you can't talk at all, or like in the future can you?
voidherondale voidherondale Dec 19, 2015
I love signing so much, I sometimes start signing as I talk without realizing it XD
seIcouth seIcouth Nov 16, 2015
How are you going to keep Dakota as the face-claim is Jane is played by her? I was just wondering, sorry if this comes across rude.
Angelicsailor Angelicsailor Nov 16, 2015
*raises hand * I ENJOYED IT-!!!!! Awesome start to this story :)
Angelicsailor Angelicsailor Nov 15, 2015
OH I LOVE HER SNARK she's beautiful !!!! XD I'm really pumped for this such an original idea:)