Princess Dear (A Reverse!Dipper x Reader story)

Princess Dear (A Reverse!Dipper x Reader story)

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Aurora B. By Never_Been_Sane Updated Oct 18

You opened your mouth hoping to find words that would make him understand and not kill you. However, the minute you glanced back up at those unnatural blue eyes your forced confidence fell. Grinning in smug victory he wrapped and arm around your waist, grabbing your wrist. 
"Now say it" he whispered in your ear causing shivers to shoot down your spine. "Admit that you're all mine pumpkin'. Unless you wanna get in trouble."

Heheh, I automatically apologize for how bad is may end up. It's my first reader-insert but I've had this idea a few months and decided that why make a new Oc when Reader-chan can be one!

No, I don't own Gravity Falls. If I did there would be more Bill. And more hints of BillDip/Bipper because, while I don't full on ship it, it is kinda cute.
I also don't own you! Unless you know, there's a random universe where I, Aurora B./Llama, am somehow at fourteen a global dictator or something weirdly weird like that. 

Enjoy! II) <- Defective Smiley!

(123 votes as of april 24th, I find this amusing and also really amazing. I honestly can't imagine why so many would actually like my writing so, thank you =D)

I'm I tiefling you are clearly racists against tieflings!!!!! Jk lol
I'm a time lord from gallefray  (don't know how to spell that  (
um excuse me I'm no humanoid I'm a phicopathic-humanoid-chicken-noodle
O_O I just found this book and tomorrow is gonna be the first day of school.... I'm crying....
Moonfang444 Moonfang444 Aug 06
If this is a Rev dip x reader story,why is Alcor on the cover?
I'm still a freshman and the first day was horrible! Had to wake up early ;-;