The Pastor's Possession >>JosephFiennes✔️<<

The Pastor's Possession >>JosephFiennes✔️<<

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"I just want to love you. To feel you on the inside and out." I began to cry in horror hearing his words poison my ears as he slowly lowered my body down on the bed while placing one kiss upon my head, then placing his hands between my legs. Spreading them while taking my underwear off. I laid, trying to fight but his giant hand had ahold of my small fragile wrists. I stop fighting, out of breath and began to cry even more knowing my next fate. 

Sylvia is a normal 16 year old who has a love for children. Her mother is a very religionist woman who goes to church every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. She also talks about her one child highly, and one day their pastor overhears a conversation about Sylvia's love for children. He offered Sylvia a job to watch the children every Sunday morning, but when he sees her things change very quickly. 

<Pastor Jonathan: JosephFiennes>
<Sylvia Johnson: DanielleCampbell>

}Read Carefully{
}Sexual contents{
}A bit profanity{

GoldaToffan GoldaToffan Oct 25
If I said that to my African parent I'll be dead be for my age
Pastors could be married... but he's already a pastor he had to get married before becoming a pastor... so it's too late...
ShesAFriend ShesAFriend Aug 11
I really wish there were more pastors who thought like this.
My dammit. This is why people hate me... because of people like her...
They are not supposed to force God down your throats... they should show the love of Jesus and care...
-_Nerdy_- -_Nerdy_- Sep 12
God forgive me for reading this book....and the others....and for getting on wattpad...