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The realm seemed calm under the rule of King Henry. The alliance with Scotland was almost finalized by the marriage of his son Francis to Mary, Queen of Scots, the on going battle with England was at a stand still, and most of the inhabitants of French Court seemed happy.... Until King Henry's cousin and dear friend Lord Edward and his three superficial daughters arrived to Court, right as the King was slowly going mad. But along with them came a surprise visitor, Lady Cecily, Lord Edwards beautiful step daughter of whom which he hated from a previous marriage who immediately fits right in with the royal family, angering Lord Edward.

Just as French Court seemed calm, the storm would surely follow.... Love, lust, betrayal, greed, sex and war slowly start taking over the Kingdom. Will the Royal family and close friends survive what's in store? Or will Lust and death destroy all? 

*Mary, Francis, Bash, Condé*
O.C. Cecily (cover)

I've always wondered why is Mary the queen of Scotland but doesn't have a Scottish accent
holyriccotho holyriccotho Oct 26, 2016
This is from the tv and Netflix series.  I don't know if ur Copying it word for word but you should probably give credit.
heidi2733 heidi2733 Aug 12, 2016
This is a copy of reign the tv series I don't know I'd u r taking the story word from word or not coz I can't recall but I don't no if it's with good or bad in tensions I insure u people will recognise this as I have
isabelhpark isabelhpark Nov 03, 2015
Also, I would absolutely love it if you checked out my fanfic about The Flash.
Jaylaadun Jaylaadun Oct 23, 2015
Yay! I feel so much better! I'm almost done with the second chapter! I'll post tonight or tomorrow!! Let me know if you like it!! @IndieSoul17
IndieSoul17 IndieSoul17 Oct 23, 2015
Wow. This was a really great start. You officially have me hooked