In Love With The Bad Boy

In Love With The Bad Boy

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"Sometimes a bad boy can be good for a girl."

A beautiful, kind, and funny girl, Jordyn D'Amelio, is definitely something special. Jordyn has a certain disliking to the bad boy, Alec, because of some stupid fight in the 1st grade. She's got a quirky attitude, which most of her friends love and cherish, what they never want to let go of.

A cocky, smirky, playboy, Alec Landon, has many traits and I don't know if I should's quite a list. Alec uses girls, throws them on the street, and the poor girl is left there with makeup running down her face, and my, my her face is pained. He treats them like gum on his shoe. To conclude, he's a fucking asshole. Did I mention that Jordyn glares at Alec in the hallways, but he just smirks if all is well? Their attitudes toward each other change, when they actually talk.


Everything changes when his sore lips touch her soft ones.

sterlingdestiny11 sterlingdestiny11 Dec 15, 2016
Me without cursing if I did I would be smacked till I forgot those words
SydneyMullen SydneyMullen Nov 28, 2016
Your room is probably the size of my whole kitchen dining room and living room combined to say shît like that 😑
Usually I wait forever For this to happen but it came Early 😂😂
les1246 les1246 Jul 09, 2016
This the part where I contemplate if I want to continue with this book or not.
Biggy_Smaallz Biggy_Smaallz Jul 15, 2016
Too fast... And it could've been hotter 😂 Like, her pushed up against the wall or he at least walks her up to her house and then .. Yea idk I'm out
cindys_world cindys_world Aug 18, 2016
Now that's when you kick his ass, and maybe first degree murder and go to jail..... :)