A War Story

A War Story

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Katerina Elizabeth Lynn Petrova-Plaza By Sweet_Sexy_Kitty_Kat Updated Sep 02, 2011

Adolf Hitler. Ring any bells? Thought so. World War II. Killer of millions of Jews. The works.

What if you were related to him? What would you do? What if you were his son or daughter? Would you be ashamed? How would you feel being his granddaughter/son or great granddaughter/son?

I'm Maka (ma - KAY - uh) Hitler. Adolf Hitler's great great great granddaughter. I was named after my mother who was named after her mothers mother. I have two cousins. JoAnna Mathews and Hannah Hitler. One would think that I'd be ashamed of my family history. I'm not. My family has never been treated the same since 1945, the end of the war. Teachers always make me work harder. Classmates look at me with shame.

I know what I want, and I'll do everything in my, and my families, power to get it.


Okay, so.. This is made up, but there is history here. Adolf Hitler never had any children, but I'm pretending that he did. If you want the family history chart (the true Hitler Tree and/or the story Hitler Tree), shoot me a message and I'll get it to you.

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