Operation Seduce The Jock | mt•pjy

Operation Seduce The Jock | mt•pjy

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"If you're so great, why don't you try get Mark Tuan to fall for you?" 

Jinyoung glanced over at the boy, thinking about it for a while before smirking. 

"Challenge accepted"


cheejicake original storyline:

This story and ideas in it are completely made up from my messed up brain so any similarities are either coincidence or there's someone in the world who thinks like me. I don't believe in copying other writers work

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iamflour iamflour Oct 29
that one moment when youre a markson, jjp, 2jae, markjin, and a markjinson shipper.
                              ITS SHOW TIME!!!! (Produce 101 s1)
I'm so ready for this
                              Jk I'll probably die of fangirling or feels along the way or something but oh well
mehisdabest mehisdabest Jul 03
Wait Mark is a jock? He should bee one of those quiet kids just reading
smolarmy smolarmy Aug 22
Low key wanted it to be football (not soccer) because mark fits in the football category but then again I love ur stories this is my 2nd time reading this lmao
Yasss Bambam is right though. But like is Jinyoung also popular in this story?