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Stupid Girly Things That Only Girls Will Understand

Stupid Girly Things That Only Girls Will Understand

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Rawr By WildCatLover157 Updated Mar 12, 2016


Helloooo ladies. So this is a random book of complaints I have about...Welp...being a girl.

Helloooo curious boys. If I were you I wouldn't read this. You cannot unsee crazy girl things.

I'm sorry if boys (or girls, though I don't see why) find anything I say offensive. The main purpose is to make you laugh. Not to offend anyone.

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SpeedForce6150 SpeedForce6150 6 days ago
Yasssss. I feel like punching people who think that being a girl is so easy!!!!!!!
GreyWoof GreyWoof May 10
On the bus I was sitting with my really good friend who just happens to be a bit and a boy infront of us was making sexually innuendos about us that was really getting on my nerves so I slapped him and he started to cry. I was proud to stand up for myself and plus he was in 8th grade I'm in 7th.
MaxBookWorm MaxBookWorm May 02
Boys in my school are afraid of me because when they really get on my nerves I slap them. Not hard. But I do slap them
keohnas keohnas May 21
I fence, I wrestle, I do gymnastics, I climb, I play football, I run (faster that most boys), I play basketball and when we have night war games at home in the summer, I am always "killed" last.
Right!!! Plus like Beyonce said 'have the strength to bare s child and get back to business' I'd like to see how a guy handles pregnancy
1: boys act like there tummys are hurt when a few days a month were hurt out of no where! 2:ur period always wants to rain check and then come at the WORST times!