Stupid Girly Things That Only Girls Will Understand

Stupid Girly Things That Only Girls Will Understand

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Rawr By WildCatLover157 Updated Mar 12, 2016


Helloooo ladies. So this is a random book of complaints I have about...Welp...being a girl.

Helloooo curious boys. If I were you I wouldn't read this. You cannot unsee crazy girl things.

I'm sorry if boys (or girls, though I don't see why) find anything I say offensive. The main purpose is to make you laugh. Not to offend anyone.

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TheZombieCorn TheZombieCorn Oct 31, 2017
Yes. I hate when boys get grossed out when girls try to talk about our periods! And it's okay for them to talk about their uhm 'size'?! Like what is that?!
shooba32 shooba32 Jun 12, 2017
Combs literally DO NOT go through mah hair. It's straight-ish, but it is knotted and I cannot even try to get all the knots out without breaking the comb. When I have no knots in my hair it feels like a life accomplishment.
taespoonofyoonmin taespoonofyoonmin Oct 23, 2017
I swear to god when boys make fun of periods I just wanna punch a baby in the face!
Skia_Surke Skia_Surke Nov 28, 2017
When boys think it's funny to mock your by saying stuff like: "OMG LIKE, WTF HOW DID THIS HAPPEN, LIKE OMG!! In a "girly" voice. And what they're saying doesn't even make sense anyways.
                              Me: 🖕
Arachne3127 Arachne3127 Nov 30, 2017
I swear, this is like the one book there actually guys reading 😂😂
AwkwardKing- AwkwardKing- Jun 23, 2017
Now,mInget it why my friends /who're girls/ wants me to read this.
                              STAY STRONG BOIII