The Mistress

The Mistress

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“They call me a home wrecker, a lover, a slut. A woman that has no morals and no standards. 

I simply call it business.” 

Isabella Marina was a mistress for the rich and the famous from mob bosses to con artists. In a world where the justice system is so corrupt, the only way these men can get a taste of their own medicine is from Isabella’s help. 

When she is sent a photo of Derek Goodwill, the infamous con artist of the 21st century that had just stolen over 20 million dollars of stolen paintings and artifacts from the Louvre, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and National Gallery Isabella sees the chance to make her name infamous. 

Derek refuses to date on the job, but when he meets Isabella he sees one of the most beautiful woman in world begging for him, and what type of man would he be if he refused?

They begin to develop a friendship as they’re pulled into the world of drug lords, art, and fraud. With secrets that are about to be blown up whose going to survive? 

Sadly, this was just another day on the job.

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ExclusivelyLisa ExclusivelyLisa Sep 02, 2013
                              Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your comment it means a lot to me :)
xSophira xSophira Sep 02, 2013
Oh wow, totally in love with this story. Isabella is so badass, you go girl! She's so strong and independent, just as a woman should be. You write it wonderfully, and I can see everything going on in my head. Look forward to reading more! 
ExclusivelyLisa ExclusivelyLisa Aug 31, 2013
                              Thank you so much! I really appreciate the comment!
ExclusivelyLisa ExclusivelyLisa Jul 27, 2013
                              Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your support and I love your comments haha thank you so much! I'm glad you added it into your library!
ExclusivelyLisa ExclusivelyLisa Apr 21, 2013
                              I love your enthusiasm :) I'm so glad you love the story!! Do you have an suggestions which celebrities could play the other characters in my story?
ExclusivelyLisa ExclusivelyLisa Apr 20, 2013
                              Hahah thank you :) I'll check out your story as well :)