Before Her

Before Her

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I couldn't remember anything. I racked my brain and tore through every single part of my skull. I screamed in frustration and tried to remember something, anything. 

My family, a house, friends, nothing. All I remembered was that my name, is Jane.

-completed 10/06/16

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Laurexfan Laurexfan Jan 28
me like straight when I see newt would have been like well hello there
12Laura34 12Laura34 Jan 14
Rope?? But in the movie Gally just jumped in when Thomas was in the book like..... she can just climb out but do it your way
I love this it's reallyy good! Jane is nothing like me though. I wouldn't react like this. But that's no problem i still loveeeeee it
When I get a panic attack I think about how dumb I look it doesn't work
tbh i like hanging out with guys better just not hormonal teens
Yh but when it actually happens you forget all the ‘techniques’ to stop it because you’re just so scared and idk it’s awful and hard to think straight in the moment